Heather’s Teenage Heat

DJ’s girlfriend Heather is making an attempt to go from idle film nerd chat to hot and heavy lip on lip action.  She’s giving DJ all the sex face she can muster, but seems to be far from hitting that “seductive” mark.  You can’t blame her outfit though!  This purple striped sweater calls attention to all of her pert pubescent protrusions while the stonewashed wide leg jeans suggest a certain amount of maneuvering might be manageable.  


Lounging Ladies

With nothing but time on their hands, Roseanne and Jackie are lapping up the leisurewear!  Jackie’s velour lounge suit is luxurious and versatile.  This look can take her from the couch to the limo to Rodbell’s department store all while keeping her comfortable and stylish!  With millions in the bank, Jackie’s only concern should be showing up the ladies at the cafeteria counter!


That Girl Roseanne

Spiritual journeys take on many manifestations, so it’s no surprise that when Roseanne does some heavy thinking her only frames of reference turn out to be television personalities from bygone eras!  This swell sixties sitcom getup is most becoming on a elegantly shaped lady like our Mrs. Conner.  May all of her day dreams be this immaculately dressed!